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Herd Shares

Herd shares available for both raw goat and cow milk

Common Questions:


Why do I need a "share"? In Kentucky, the sell of raw milk is illegal. However, there is now a law that allows the sale of raw milk by herd share.


What is a herd share? A herd share means that you own a "share" of our cow/s. As a shareholder, you would be responsible financially for a portion of the boarding, upkeep and feeding needs (monthly fee). In return you would be entitled to a portion of the milk/milk products (x gallons of milk per week). In simple terms herd share=milk. 

What do I receive when I purchase a share? Each share will give 1 gallon per week for our cow shares, and 1/2 gallon per week for our goat share.

How to join our herdshare

Email, message or call to check on availability!

Contact information available at the bottom of the page.

Herd Share Members Weekly Orders

Herd share members are able to order "add on" or "value added" dairy products each week. These products are only available to herd share members and can not be purchased unless you have a herd share.

Member Comments...

"After years of dairy allergies and sensitives in our family, it [milk] is such a gift to have in the kitchen."

"This ice-cream is the best I have ever eaten!"


"I love making butter from the cream I receive each week. It is so good!"

"BEST decision we have made when it comes to our food!"

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